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About Us

PAZ 21 Custom and Restore

PAZ 21 Custom and Restore, that's who we are now since October 2021. We ourselves went through our own Custom and Restore Transformation.

New Beginings

Alister Hay, is now the new and proud owner of PAZ 21.

The history of PAZ 21 starts with innovator Mike Brits, who sold the business and moved to Germany for a new chapter. He was a forerunner of restoring anything from furniture, bicycles, motorcycles, with many award-winning motorcycles behind his name, whilst fridges, petrol pumps, radiograms and many other household pieces felt his magic. He always brought passion and love with every job he did.

Unforgettable History

Mike's enthusiasm to always be learning and improving is how PAZ 21 has become the destination of the impossible made possible. His knowledge and tenacious attitude was shared and adopted by the loyal and amazing staff that currently are part and parcel of what makes PAZ 21.

Passion and Creativity

Our passion and creativity is always felt by our Customers, a place they know they can entrust their most precious items to be treated with the love and respect in the hands of people they can trust.

First class painters and detailers, engineering staff, preparation experts and finishers ensure that dreams are fulfilled at a one stop destination.

We create ideas, paint, hydro-dip, repair, build and modify anything.